Get to know Troop 405 by reading some frequently asked questions.

Where does Troop 405 meet?

Troop 405 meets at St Matthew Catholic Church (1001 Mason Road, Durham, NC 27712) in the church’s parish hall. From time to time, we will meet at other venues, such as City Hall, fire stations, Durham Police Department locations or at local parks.

How often do you go camping?

Troop 405 tries to plan at least one short-term camping trip per month in a nearby park (Little River Regional, Falls Lake) and at least one week-long trip to a scout reservation for Summer Camp.

What activities do you do at meetings?

The focus of meetings will shift to meet the needs of the boys. The focus of the meetings shifts between merit badge work and advancement requirements. We try to work on reinforcing scout skills with an eye toward moving toward achieving each scout’s individual scouting goals.

Who can join Troop 405?

Any boy between the ages of 11 and 17 are eligible for to join Boy Scouts and participate in scouting activities. Any boy who is in the fifth grade and who will turn 11 during the year can also join the Troop. Accommodations are made for boys with special diets or needs. Anyone who is interested in joining 405 is more than welcome!

In February of 2019, Scouting BSA (Boy Scouts of America) will accept girls. While Troop 405 is open to anyone joining, the by-laws of Scouting BSA state that girls will form their own troops while participating in scouting activities. Any girls interested in joining a scout troop should search BeAScout.org to find a Troop to join.

At this time, it is uncertain as to whether Saint Matthew will sponsor a female troop as we do not wish to undermine Girl Scout Troop 700, who is also sponsored by Saint Matthew Catholic Church.